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What studio do you recommend to make games kind of like this. I am not

trying to copy you, just trying to make something of my own with a
studio that does not have a complex UI like the one I currently use.

I'm using Construct 2 and it isn't complex, Clickteam Fusion is a good choice too.


I am far into the game, And its amazing. I am just saying, You should add more hardware soon to make it more exciting and add more random events. I am now just sometimes giving exclusive hardware away for 25 dollars.

Finished the game? Idk

look at these pics


in 0.2.3 will there be more cores?


Hello Haxor, do you need any help with your project? I like your game very much, but there is not much content in it. So I offer my help to you.

Yours, faithfully DaHobbit!

Thanks for the offer, but I have turned everyone down so far, mainly because I want this project to stay mine for now


Ok, I wish you good luck with your project, Haxor. and you did a good job so far.

If you need help conact me. ;)

Sincerly DaHobbit

you should add graphics cards and operating systems in 2.3


Graphics cards are planned for later updates, not 0.2.3 though. Operating systems are software therefore won't be implemented (at least you won't be able to develop them, but maybe you could make someone else do it).

Soo the graphics cars of course are not going to be in this update or atleast the next update right? ok well is a posibility the graphics cards are in maybe in the 0.3.9 or in the 0.4.5? or went the game is in the the version 1.0?

There is a possibility. I honestly don't know when I'm going to implement them


i will waiting in my chair getting old waiting for the graphics cards XD

I'm having problems with the game. I dont know how to restart the game. I'm pretty much bankrupt and the game is still playing but it only stopped at 1980

You can start a new game by loading for a -No Data- slot (if all your save slots are occupied you can go to options and click 'Delete save data').

is normal that went i the 80s i don't have more research? is because is like a alpha or a beta right? anyway this game is really awesome i hope this game still free or atleast have a very cheap price or not i don't really care i not the creator i hope this game have a lot of sucess and i hope the people don't think this is a copy of GDT (technycally is almost a copy but bit a lot of changes XD) well this comment is soo long i think is better if i stop yeah Adios amigo or bye boi (and Sorry for my bad english i from spain)

Yeah, it's not finished and there's little content atm, so there isn't much research to do.

Thanks for your feedback!

easy to learn and fun to play

when does 0.2.3 comes out

uhh.. It's almost done but when I wasn't buried in schoolwork I was sick and laying in bed

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I am loving this game, but not a fan of the fact that it is so difficult to save. I lost much of my progress.

This is a very good game! I enjoyed it.

Hey Hax, my game stops at 1988, and goes on with like 700 months, without andvancing the year... new reasearch doesnt show up either beacuse of that. Do you know why?

Yes, that sometimes happens when you load a game. I fixed in 0.2.3 which should be up pretty soon. Don't worry, it doesn't change anything this late in the game.


With this game, I can develop hardware that lets me smurf in CS:GO in 8K at a 372% faster speed than any other company can.  12/10 would smack Inlet again.

(Seriously tho, great game)

Ayy, thanks best feedback coment I have received so far

hey i was wondering when this game would be finished, it seems to have potential and may even be able to compete with GDT, I really look forward to this game, but right now it doesn't have much in it so, i'll come back in maybe like, a year?

Kudos Haxor!

I honestly don't know. Right now I have a lot of schoolwork so there won't be a major update anytime soon. But I'm sure I'll update the game in that time

Yo hexorcan I get an updated chart of the resarch plz

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It is up-to-date for 0.2.2 though

Unless you mean a link to the table on wiki

thank you

Great graphics. Is this based on Game Dev Tycoon?

Yes, the art and interface were inspired by GDT.

How do you succeed? I always go bankrupt, Easy and Medium mode. O.o

I want to make a guide in the near future (so probably in 2 years), but for now just check if your price isn't too low. If it's orange then it means you'll be losing money for every unit sold. Setting it to around 50$ higher than unit cost is pretty profitable. You can also take loans from the bank if you need to.

Oh, ok thanks for the help and quick reply! Great concept BTW. 


Loved the game!  If it gets a final version released, I will be there to purchase it for sure!  Thanks!


I just registered to say that i love this game, it's awesome! to me, the best game ever!

it was really good but after getting all the upgrades the game continues and there is nothing to do. (pls fix this by putting an ending or continuing the game)

Yeah, the game is doesn't have much content yet, it's in a very early phase of development. There will be new content.

k thanks

Check out my first game.  Its not to good but ill be taking suggestions.

I commented on your game's page, but I wouldn't like anyone posting links to their games here.

ok thanks and i wont again

Great, but should have a greater variety of products


Much more hardware is planned, the game is currently in a very early stage content-wise.


Good to know that this game will have more content. I beat the game in about 30 min and it was very fun

Ok what format do u upload in HTML etc

Not sure if I understand..

In Construct 2 I just export it as a HTML project and upload it here.

oh ok thats what i wanted to know

Hey could send me the .capx  so i can work on it while your not

Nah, I want this project to be mine, as personal as possible for now.

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ok np is there anyway i can dm you

On gmail at or Twitter @Haxor1336

What software are the models made in?


I didn't make them, but my friend who did used Adobe Illustrator iirc.

Cool. I've used that before.

you could release it as 02.2.1 Beta

This game is great as is, but I still think that all of the computer components should be added before it is given the title of beta.

Yes, that is very understandable vex5012. Ok now lets look at it from my perspective  i've played on every difficulty  and its still fun me and my friends have weekly competitions on it. But i would love to have it updated in the near future or like I said before release what he has done as 02.2.1 "beta"

Ok, that makes sense. There should definitely have a beta phase, but I would say not for a while until more features are added.

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Well..... It all comes down to what he wants to do. But Before Beta Alpha Etc. Should do  i trail period

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Man u r doing a great job but could u release what you have done now so we can "beta" test it?

I still haven't implemented too much, most of my work was in spreadsheets - balancing, tweaking etc. 

Releasing beta versions 1-2 days before the official release is actually a neat idea. Not sure if I'll do that for 0.2.3 because it doesn't mess with anything, but we'll see.

So will you be implementing most of the items that vex5012 talked about.... Its also refreshing to see a active developer  on here also your game is awesome. 

Well, they are planned to be added to the game, but no one knows when... and thanks, although I won't be as active after my school year begins :/

yeah my school starts in about 3 weeks.... Also how big the update going going to be More CPU Cores, (Maybe Bigger Offices) Added More Researches

0.2.3: Hard Drives Motherboards Ram 

0.2.4: Cases, Now able to build a complete Pc and sell it

Nah, nothing as major. I should publish a devlog explaining the new update today.

Let me just say, WOW. This game is amazing! And it's at the price of a google search too! I understand that there are glitches, some out of your control, but there are a couple things that need to be fixed. 1. The save and load money glitch. There should be some sort of a line of code the makes sure money goes up, or a refresh button that refreshes the game's logic if possible. 2. I noticed that the bank would sometimes glitch out, giving my debt up way higher than it should have been. 

Finally, here are my ideas.

1. Keep a notebook of stuff you plan to add

2. More computer components (computer case, memory, hard drives, ect...)

3. When the company starts producing all the right components, you should be able to make computer builds and sell them. You would be able to select the cpu, memory, ect...

4. Arduino. If you don't know what an Arduino is, you should look it up. It basically is a microprocessor. Make that a component to sell.

5. Employee management

6. Moving into bigger offices

Again, great game!


1. That gave me an idea and I think I actually fixed it!

2. I'm not quite sure what you mean, does it take a higher loan than you wanted to...?

1. I have a google spreadsheet with everything about the game, including my to do list and changelog. I could publish it on the wiki though

2. Planned

3. Planned

4. Might do

5. Planned

6. Planned

Thank you for your feedback and please elaborate on the bank glitch, I can't  find anything wrong, maybe I just overlooked something.

You are very welcome! This game has so much potential! I don't know why my comment glitched out though, which is funny.  I am glad I inspired you maybe? For the bank glitch I can't replicate it again but it didn't increase my loan but my debt when I checked it. After a month. Maybe it was something I did. For real, though I am so glad that you take feedback. I wouldn't publish the spreadsheet on the wiki as I wouldn't want anyone to steal your ideas. 

I do want to elaborate more on the Arduino function though. It would basically be like a computer where you would choose the components once you have unlocked them. Great game, again! The Arduino would be something to add once everything else is implemented

Also, another thing. You said you think you may have fixed the load glitch. Did you release the update which patches it yet or are you waiting? Thanks!

I haven't released anything yet, there would be a devlog post so you you wouldn't miss it! More about the new version here

I'll make a devlog explaining 0.2.3 tommorow


Need a discord page, also love the game. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I could make a discord server, but I don't know if it's necessary - there isn't that much feedback and I answer every question in the comments.

butwhe i load the game the money doesn't go up. why?

There's nothing I can do, sorry!

ok :(

ah ok i see it should be alot more than 20

Why can't I ever finish the game?

every time i tryi am at -3.000,000

howcan i avoid this?

Is 1979 the last year with research?

At the moment yes, but I plan on adding much more.

Thanks for the reply!

When I load a game the money does not go up.

It's a known bug, If you're loading a save where a CPU is selling there are minor problems with the game's logic. Unfortunately I can't do anything about it, as this problem is mostly caused by Construct 2's poor save/load support.

Please don't stop updating this is very VERY addicting and fun.

tfw I'm still not popular, great game though played to the 2000's

Thank you! it was a nice game, I can make profit until my last research now :) 

looking forward how it will develop :)

I experienced 83's big crash the hard way x,D

...Got like $6,000,000 of debt!

Very good game, i hope you will 

continue the developement

i completed the game, and now its just boring. when will it be updated?

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