0.2.9 soon.

0.2.9 Beta testing is now over, thank you to everyone who participated! You even caught some issues from older versions :)

When will it be ready?
I have a couple of improvements to make and quite a lot of playtesting before me.
I'm in the middle of an exam session, but hopefully, I can deliver 0.2.9 next week.

This will probably be the single largest update so far. I want to polish it up, so you guys can enjoy it, but I probably could do that until the end of time. The update has to come out one day, though. Let us all hope that day is within that deadline.

See you in 0.2.9!

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when is 0.2.9 coming out



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Yay! Best of luck with the exams!

Very gud


Good luck on the exams! Also, how do I participate in beta testing for the next update cycle?


They happen through Discord, so joining the server is the best way. I post devlogs on itch.io before beta testing begins too.


Extremely nice! I'm so glad for you man


Keep it up


I can't wait!