Hardware Tycoon is a simulation game where you run your own hardware company, influence the market and compete with other companies to stay up-to-date. Right now it's in early stages of development; you can only develop and distribute processors, along with researching features for it, but many more features and hardware are planned.

Haxor - programmer
Senzo - artist/designer

If you have any questions/feedback about the game or overall feel free to ask via comments or e-mail!

Sounds by Bertrof are licensed under CC 3.0

Published Aug 19, 2016
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Tags2D, Casual, hardware, html, Isometric, Singleplayer, tycoon
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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This is super fun! I second the desire to have multiple CPUs on the market -- only having one is super limiting. Also, I don't know if this is just me, but after I set my marketing I couldn't figure out how to modify it? Beyond that, I really enjoyed the game even with the features it has currently, and am excited to see new features added!

Thanks! You can use marketing more than once, it's not like you have one campaign that you edit

Some suggestion from me for improvements:

- It would be nice if you can delay sales so the developed CPUs developed already and you can put them directly on sale when the previous runs out 

- It would be nice if there where any timeline window so you can see what CPU developments can do in which time or which is standard at the moment. At the moment its mostly very challenging to know if you are before your opponents.

- If possible, maybe can put diffrent markets parallel. So one CPU have opponents on a market (which is already so) and you can another Market with the new CPU already. before the other CPU have to run out?

1. I will probably do that

2. Competition is really basic right now, and I will work on more features related to it, and that might be one of them.

3. I was thinking about that myself. I will revamp the way you publish and sell CPUs completely


I love the game, It's addicting and fun, a shame that it's very short and you can only do so little, but I understand that it's in VERY early development, this game have big potential and I can't wait until it gets more updates!

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All right this time there is now way it is my mistake. I took out a loan (because my last 2 cpus sold like hot trash) and I researched 2 mhz, made cpu with it, and it got the same exact reviews as the last two I made and sold way worse. It also is telling me I own 100 % of the market but only have a 1.26 popularity rating. None of my CPUs are doing well and there are no other companies on the market. I think my game is bugged and it is sorta frustrating. I then went to easy mode and the beginning played well again but then out of the blue I would continuously get diminishing returns even with constant upgrades and I was the only company on the market again. I am so confused.

Can you provide a screenshot from History of that  CPU that didn't sell well?

Also popularity and marketshare have nothing to do with each other.


SO ADDICTIVE! I love! BTW I made it to the bankruptcy screen twice! YAY! (:

Amazingly addictive. Is the possibility to research technology limited by the date? It would be nice to have some sort of research budget which determines when a new technology is possible to unlock...Keep it up. Cheers, Patrick


I actually want to redo the way you research and make it similar to what you said; you'd have to set a budget for your R&D team and depending on their skill and available budget you could research everything earlier or later

Nice! I'll keep an eye on the game :)


Yes Haxor! You are actually making progress!

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From Update 0.2.5, there are still some things that i feel should be added or changed in 0.2.6 and on. 

First of all, the new UI redesign seems a little small, and too close to the circle. I feel like the text should be larger and more to the left (i also don't very much enjoy the way it switches from the right to the left when you're producing and researching). It's a little hard to read in 0.2.5.

Secondly, I feel this is like a Game Dev. Tycoon spin-off (yay!), so i feel like you should try to incorporate some of the ideas in that game (like maybe hiring workers and getting newer production facilities). 

Thirdly, i know everyone is bugging on you to add GPUs. I have an idea about this, message me to know more, i don't want to make this comment a lot longer. (email at end)

Finally, after 0.2.5, i feel the game deserves a solid 7.5/10, not just because it doesn't have much content, but because of some of the potential the game can have, that the creators still haven't found out yet. (4 stars have been rated)

Thanks, Blizz 

Email: dbednar230@gmail.com

I love this game but the marketing function is money wasting.


I'm debugging right now, it should be up today!


Dam this is hard even on normal but its still super fun :}

Weres the update

Im also very interested in the update :) I have Intel graphics so fun games like this are my only hope for survival

i rate this game 6/10 "good but still not the best" although it has a very good idea and base plz work more on this! 

i recomend so much some sort of background music and finish up the cores for the cpus and try adding new stuff you can make  so a change but plz still work on later cpu upgrades these are my recomendations.


Yeah, I'm still adding core features and CPU upgrades, these are my priorities right now. Music will be added someday as well.

Unfortunately I didn't finish 0.2.5 today, but there are only small things left to do and it shouldn't take long.

What Was This Made In? (Game Engine)

Construct 2

Nice, im woking on a game to... Can i help in anyway?

Nah, I don't need help with anything right now, thanks


Love the game! The only downside is that updates come out rarely.


Hello i love this game , but i need help i keep going bankrupt even when i keep updating the socket and clock speed the overall cpu rating just keeps going down, the first stage of the game is very easy until i reach over 1mhz processor then i dont sell as many units and i lose a lot of money can u please help, and i would love to see this game develop and would love to see many more features added

You can take a loan in the bank if you need money and select a lower difficulty when creating a new company. I don't know what you might be doing wrong. I suppose you are choosing these new sockets you've researched? If you're losing money you can also try setting higher prices.

I always reach the maximum loan amount from the bank and always select easiest difficulty i think it maybe i make to many cpus on the same socket only upgrading the clock speed slightly with each new cpu before researching a new socket and faster clock speed, but i feel this is realistic as companies do this sometimes and they also sometimes release their higher end cpus then release lower end cpus after but regardless still a great game i am willing to support after christmas (buying presents has drained my wallet atm) and would love to see lots of new features in the game, more cores, gpus, mobos, threads, more rival from other companies and a more realistic approach to the game

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2 minutes into the game,it's kinda great.

But can you add some music? It's kinda boring to just sit there and watch as i get money.

PS: I rate the game 7/10. "Not Great,Not Bad"

here's a question because i asked so yeah: When will you have a discord server?

Thanks! I want to add music and more sounds eventually, it's just low on my to-do list. I will look for some royalty free tracks someday. You can always listen to your own in the background ;)

There's been one suggestion regarding a discord server already. I will probably make one, I don't know when though. Perhaps for an itch.io views milestone?

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Do you also plan on making achievements so when you like do something,like make a CPU for the first time,and get a trophy or an item in your room? Just a suggestion.

(also my discord is Some Akira Person#5395 so if you make a discord server,contact me via that if possible)

Yeah, I've actually added an achievement for making your first CPU in 0.2.5, I'll see if I add any more


I really like this game! Can't wait to see more from it <3

what i would LOVE to see for cpus:



Turbo option

Overclocking option

Integrated graphics option (id think of this coming out before or during the graphics card update

good luck on your game, when its fully into its 1.0 stage id pay to play if i had to :3

Thanks! I actually have all of this planned, except integrated graphics. I didn't think of that to be honest, that's a good idea

Will there be more options? I reached 1992 and I didn't had nothing more to research/do. 

And what about  more hardware options, RAM, Video card, motherboards, etc.

 will there be mod support? 

And finally why don't you release the game on steam, chrome webstore , etc.?

Yes of course, I have so much more planned - both research/features/parts/options and hardware. This is a very early version of the game.

I don't think it's possible to develop good mod support in Construct 2 and I never planned any, so for the while being the answer is no.

I won't release the game on Steam, because I'd need to pay 90$ (which I don't have) for it to get into Steam Greenlight and there is a low chance of it getting through in its current state. I might try in the future though. As for Chrome webstore... I haven't even considered it. I will do some research on how it works and think about it. 

I think itch.io is the best platform for my game at the moment though.

and that's when Haxor realized... FUNDRAISER/PATREON ;3 also your fan base is big enough for 90 dollars (also I can probably supply 15 dollars on Christmas if this gets backed.

Well... maybe you are right. I still think it's too early to put it on Steam though. I'm putting school over work right now too, so updates aren't frequent.

Maybe one day..

Trust me, you should go to kickstarter  and ask $90 to put the game on steam,

I have never even considered it until now. I still don't think there's enough content to try at this point, but I'm going to in the future.

When will the next update be?

Right now I'm working on tiny boring cosmetical stuff. I'm waiting for my christmas break to start, I'm planning to redo the research mechanic. I don't know how long that will take.

The save function doesn't work for me.

Can you provide more details? What platform are you on and what exactly doesn't work?

Not mine either. I can save, but I can't open up the saves later on. Im playing in the web browser on a Mac.

Uhhh it works for me both in browser and in the stand alone .exe on Windows. What do you mean by not being able to open up the saves? Does it do nothing when you click on the save icon?

Yes, when I click on it it doesn't react.

So, after saving once you can't open the save menu again?
I can save whenever I want both in browser and on desktop, can't seem to find any issues in the code either.

does this game work on mobile???????? Plz see if you can enable it to work on mobile devices!

It does through browser on itch.io, or do you mean a downloadable .apk?


Well it works in browser on Android

oh. I am on iOS

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In the new update, could you add cores?

I am planning to add many more researches and CPU components in 0.2.5, and it will probably include long awaited cores.




The game is cool but I never get any clock research after 2mhz, which really hurts you end game, meaning the last socket will never turn a profit.


Ohh, thanks for pointing that out, will fix in the next update.


Really cool game, I really like it c:

yey 2.3

I was playing and got pretty far, than something started selling really well but it was selling in reverse and taking money from me. was this punishment for playing for 1 hour straight or a glitch? Or is it just your version of a "stop here I didn't make this yet."

You probably set your product's price too low.  Always set it to at the very least 20$ more than its production cost. When price turns orange thats means you will be losing money with each unit sold.

I don't know, but I am pretty sure I set it to 175 like always but it doesn't really matter.

Weird. I have never encountered a bug like this. Can show me a screenshot from History showing that CPU?

oops I forgot to check sorry, love the game though. I am excited to see this game fully fleshed out!

At what date is 2.3 being released?

No idea.

How much longer do you expect the wait to be?

I got back from the hospital yesterday and I'm just doing my overdue schoolwork. No idea when I'll start working on the game again.



Hardware Tycoon will not launch on mac

Uhh, you can play it in the browser and there is a download for Mac OS X. Not sure what you mean

it works to download, but it doesnt launch I tried downloading from the itch app and the website but it doesnt work

(this might not hep you but i think tube tycoon has the same problem)

(this may help though, MacOS(yes it is called that now) has recently had a file system update, so if you can you should update the dmg using the engine)

Also the research stops shoing thing after awhile

Probably because you've researched everything already, there isn't much stuff to research atm. As for the issue with Mac - I have the latest version of Construct 2 and there have been no changes to the way it exports games to macOS, everything is the just like 3 months ago. I can't find a way to help since I don't have a Mac

ok, well this seems to be a common problem with the games that use construct 2 so they might have an update soon like in the next few months. keep an eye out for an update please :)

Also i found this on the web

Publishing on OS X and Linux

The most common problem with publishing to OS X and Linux is the execute permission for the executable files. File permissions work slightly differently on Windows, and it generally recognises any file ending in .exe as something that can be run. On OS X and Linux, executable files have no special file extension, instead requiring an "executable" file permission to be set. Windows is not usually aware of this, so if you copy files from Windows to an OS X or Linux system, the files may not have execute permission and therefore fail to run.

On Linux, the following command enables execute permission for the file 'mygame'. Run this from the terminal to ensure the file can be run:

chmod a+x mygame

On Mac OS X, there are actually several files inside the app package that need to be executable. The easiest way to preserve the permissions is to copy the exported project using OS X instead of Windows. If you network a Windows and OS X machine together, log in to Windows, and copy the files to the OS X system, it isn't aware of the file permissions and can lose the execute permission, causing the resulting app to fail to run on OS X. However if you log in to OS X and copy the files from the Windows system, it preserves the permissions and should produce an app that can run.


Love your game hexor just wanted to ask you how you made a game like this, I am aiming to make a game like this but i don't know where to start tips please.

I made it using Construct 2 which has a free demo. I started by just doing whatever came to my mind and when I didn't know how to implement a particular thing I just looked for tutorials. There are lots of good tutorials for beginners on https://www.scirra.com/

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks for the help but can i also get help knowing how you design a clicking simulation games, I manly want to know how you made the ui so that every time you click you have option etc.

Are you also able to tell me how i can make a script that lets the player publish a (Video or in your case Hardware) and then let them have the chance of getting popular or going bankrupt.

If you can also tell me how you did the rating UI that would be awesome, sorry for asking so many questions it is just that i really was inspired buy your game and i want to make a good game like your's.

I think that you should start with a smaller project if you're a newbie. I can at least try to help though. The easiest way to accomplish something similar as in Hardware Tycoon would be:

create global variables that increase when the product's (or video's) quality goes up

and when creation of that product is finished, set a different global to its sales (for example quality*1000/price)

That's pretty much how it works in big simplification.

Sorry, I can't describe it to be easily understandable. I think it will be the best if you would experiment for yourself. That's how I did it.

easly got to 2017 on vhard make it harder plz

When is 2.3 coming out?


When I will stop getting sick every 2 weeks and buried with schoolwork :/ Even when I have free time I spend it sleeping or generally unstressing after school... I don't know. Honestly it's pretty much done but needs polish and debbuging

vary hard mode crashis the game so dont try it it crashed me

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