0.2.10 Released


As always, it's been a while. This update mostly brings ease-of-life improvements, milestones, and fixes quite a lot of things.

Please note that saves from earlier versions are very prone to breaking, so I advise you to start a new game instead.

What's new?

I'll outline the most important changes here, but you can view the full changelog on the wiki.

17 Company milestones

Milestones have been in the game since 0.2.5, but having just 4 was no fun.

I finally fixed that, bringing the total amount of company milestones to 20 and redesigning the thumbnails on the way. The milestones are rather straightforward, but with all the foundations laid I'm eager to add more in the future.

The full list should be available on the wiki.

Manual tax payment

If you find yourself in need of funds at the beginning of the year, here's a good message for you: it's now possible to pay tax up to 3 months later. You can do so from the bank after unchecking the "Automatically pay tax on the first day of every year" checkbox.

If you don't pay up before the 3rd month of the year begins, you will be forced to pay a bitter fine alongside the due tax.

15 Competing CPUs

With descriptions and 3 new companies to fill in the gaps.

The full list should be available on the wiki.

5 Packages and 3 clock speeds

You can now create processors with clock rates up to 3.7 GHz and 1366 pins. I've also modified the existing packages to better fit in with their real-life counterparts, tweaking their stats and pin counts.

Minor useful features

  • Ability to cancel research (right-click on "Researching" at the top)
  • Shortcut to close windows using Esc (when not full screen in browser), tilde, or the backspace key
  • Ability to rename a product while designing (simply open up the Product Info window by clicking on the CPU's name at the top, then click on its name there to edit it)
  • Hitting pause when the game is already paused will now resume it
  • Numpad controlled time (1, 2, 3, and 5 or 0 to pause)
  • Mouse scrolling in the Milestones window
  • Switching clock units in CPU design also changes the clock speed
  • Option to disable auto-scrolling to the end of R&D


  • Loading the game doesn't reset your money when Infinite Money is enabled anymore
  • The R&D and package selection windows not working on systems with WebGL disabled
  • Possible CPU score drop off when changing price
  • Music not resuming after loading

And many more...

P.S. If you rely on the in-game console, then it is now opened using the F2 key instead.

I've also updated most of the wiki and it should be prettier and more informative.

And that about wraps it up for the changes in 0.2.10. Not a total game-changer, but it sure is a step in the right direction and gives me a solid basis for future updates!
Speaking of...

So, what's next?

If this version doesn't turn out to be a broken mess (it'd better not), then my most important plans for the next version are to add architectures and the ability to sell multiple CPUs at once, alongside things like tweaking marketing and hype.

I can tease multiple CPUs at once right now so you know it's coming ;)

That's it from me, if you have any questions or suggestions, ask them below or on our Discord server.

Thank you so much for the continuous support and see you next time <3

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Wow, very cool Hax😎r !! I calculate that 0.2.10 has increased my virtual happiness by at least 15%! Please take this virtual pat on the back from me, as a virtual reward :)

(I'd give it to you in Discord but I don't have access to my account right now, I'm a very bad moderator, I'm sowwy. Please feed my tatsugotchi for me 🥺👉👈)

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releasing this on android would definitely make the game so much better than it already is

Can't wait to see some major updates!

AWESOME! love the game!


6 months for a single Hardware Tycoon update. It holds up! I'm excited with the sneak peak too! Can't wait to see what's going to happen.