0.2.11 Released

Yes, it was supposed to come out in September... A lot of things came up and then the game was sitting basically finished, besides two bugs I couldn't track down for the life of me.

Anyway, they're now fixed and version 0.2.11 is out!
It brings some important changes. I'll go a bit more into detail than usual to help visualize them.

Company Valuation & Company List

Company valuation has been in the game in one form or another ever since bankruptcy was possible, but now you can take a peek at it and compare yourself against your competitors.
Although it still is just a number that looks nice without holding much meaning for now...

This should make the game more engaging and make you dislike the competition even more.

Company Details & Products List

You can finally take a look at other companies and see just how much Inlet cheats. Only the products tab is relevant at this moment.

Don't mind the favorite color field, it's a placeholder that the window looks empty without
It should hopefully replace the products window when I add a products details screen.

Online Leaderboards & Website

Ah yes, truly a crucial addition. You can now see how bad I am at the game.

After finishing the game you will be prompted to optionally submit your high score to this ranking. In case something goes wrong, you can apply for manual submission on our Discord server.

The website can be found at https://ht.poggers.ltd though it's not fully complete yet (it's mostly the matter of making it mobile-friendly).
Besides browsing the leaderboards you can also play a 4-year-old version of the game there.
(The domain might change next year if I decide to get a proper one.)

New Content

Added 13 new competing CPUs with descriptions, clock speed technologies, triple- and quad-core technologies, new PGA packages, and a special multi-core enhancement technology that passively increases the parameters of your CPUs.



Completely revamped the effect of difficulties on the game, they now affect more parameters in more subtle ways instead of just being flat sale multipliers.


The effectiveness of a marketing campaign now heavily depends on how long ago and how large the previous campaigns were, meaning you can't spam marketing anymore. Hype can now start deteriorating after a long period without campaigns too.

Sale formula

High popularity was buffed (although it's harder to gain it), the curve was smoothed out (as shown below; your products won't go off sale while still selling 10s of units)

  • The endgame should be easier thanks to nerfed competitors, increased maximum loans, and higher maximum R&D budget after Y2000,
  • R&D technologies were moved around a little to spread them out a bit better,
  • Components were tweaked, mostly buffing multi-core CPUs and PLCC packages,
  • Tax rates have been increased, but tax is only paid on sale income instead of your entire balance,
  • Randomness in general was decreased,
  • The game ends 1 year later in Y2011.

More Stuff

Miscellaneous improvements include:

  • The ability to never show guide for newbies notification again (this is huge)
  • A hotkey to bring up the context menu (E)
  • Indication of research below and to the right of the camera in R&D
  • Taking a product off-market requiring confirmation
  • Lots of bug fixes, mostly visual ones, but also related to mod loading and exploiting tax autopay.


The boring stuff that improves the experience nevertheless

  • Visual tweaks to the market window
  • Feedback on invalid input in company creation
  • Nicer sliders (most of them)
  • Typing effect in news too (just like in reviews)
  • The grey lines in R&D turning blue after researching the given technology
  • Better normalized the volume of music tracks
  • Improved many animations
  • Opening other windows closing the changelog
  • Tons of code refactoring
  • etc, etc.

The full changelog can be found on the wiki.

Hopefully this update will keep you busy for a while until 0.3 comes around :)

What's next?

Version 0.3 with CPU architectures and multiple products selling at once was supposed to come out after 0.2.10...
If 0.2.11 doesn't turn out to be a flaming pile of issues then 0.3 is next in line. The late first quarter of 2022 is a very rough ETA, I hope nothing comes up this time...
Remember to check the roadmap with all planned changes and release dates.

Huge thanks to all active beta testers and community members in general! Your support is very helpful and the fact that you guys are here after 5 years means a lot :D
See you next time!

P.S. I'll update the wiki for the new content tomorrow since I'm not home at the moment.

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Woohoo!! another banger update 

take all the time you need with the game, the more time means more polish and i can't wait for the next update.





I like the graphs

I also like the foreshadowing 


Great work.