5 Year Anniversary + roadmap

Hardware Tycoon 0.1 was first released on August 19 2016 which makes today its 5th anniversary!
I would say that it kicked off 11 months later with the release of version 0.2, but that's a different story...

One could say that the progress is slow, but I see the fact that we're still going a success worth celebrating :  )

In other news, I wrote up a roadmap that outlines the planned changes in upcoming versions and gives estimated release dates.

So far the progress on 0.2.11 is looking good and I can virtually guarantee that it will be released at least in late September. Most of the things, besides tweaks to marketing, balancing, online leaderboards, and a couple of visual fixes, are already finished.
I'll share the redesigned Market window with you as proof:

You will be able to open the company details screen and view info about the company responsible for the given product (at least until the Product details screen is complete).

And if you're wondering, I can already say there will be no beta version for this release and older saves will definitely not work with it.

Huge thank you for the incredible support on this tiny project of mine. It really blows my mind that you've been with me for this long!

Here's to another 5 years!
Hopefully, I will have released 0.3 by then

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Name your founder Jeff...thank me later

You're so good at making this.

0.2.11 soon??? 👀

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Do not give up. I really like HT and know the game since version, when I was looking for an undemanding game for my seventh generation i3 laptop with Intel Graphics HD 620 and 4GB of RAM. Best game I found on itch.io. I hope version 0.2.11 gets even better. It's a pity that my country's currency is devalued against the dollar, otherwise I would donate to you a little dollars.

PS.: I met version, played for about a month or two, then I got bored of the game, just waiting for a new update by Discord, after I was beta tester on version 0.2.9, after that I stopped playing. So I stopped following the Discord server and a few months later I went to search your game and to my surprise it updated to 0.2.10 and I enjoyed it. I thought the easy level too easy. The beginning was a little difficult, but with research and a loan, everything became more manageable and it's much more fun to play like this. I believe I can get to the game without going broke, and this level of difficulty is much nicer to play. I got bored of the easy level in less than four days, since I downloaded this game on my return from my hiatus.

PS2.: I'm not a native English speaker, and I'm using an automatic translator, sorry if something doesn't make a lot of sense to you.




Don't give up, we believe in you! :)


No thank you Haxor. A normal man would've given up hope on this game long before this point if they'd experienced even a fraction of the issues you've faced in the last 5 years.

Let's hope the next 5 don't break your mind as much, eh?


Holy, bloody crap is 0.3 ambitious. Biggest update so far??)