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Hardware Tycoon

Strategy/Simulation game about running your own hardware company. · By Haxor


Recent updates

Research & Development - Completely new research mechanic
Hi, it's been a while! Don't worry, I didn't forget about the game. I've been working mostly on a brand new research mechanic which affects 80% of the game, so...
Update on 0.2.7
Hey! I wanted to post a devlog over a week ago, but a lot of stuff happened, and I couldn't. But at least I have more stuff to talk about now! I was working on...
'Evolution' of Hardware Tycoon + little sneak peek
So I made this mildly interesting graph showing the number of events in Hardware Tycoon for every version (except, 0.1 but that's prehistory): Click to view ful...
0.2.6 Released!
Note: old saves might be incompatible with this update. 0.2.6 is finally out! It's been a long time since 0.2.5, but it's not a small update! Let's go over the...
0.2.6 is close to being finished + changelog
Hey! Just letting you know that 0.2.6 is almost finished, I only have to polish up a feature and then do quite a bit of debugging. I've also rewritten the chang...
Discussion board replacing comments
I decided to open a community discussion board because it's more organized and clear than comments. I've also made a FAQ, hopefully it helps some of you. Now ab...
Long time no see - progress update
It's been way too long since the last devlog, it's time to fix that. So here's what I've been up to: -CPU Development window redesign (CPU Design from now on) W...
50k Views! Discord server!
Wow. Where do I start... I guess this milestone is a good time to look back . I have started working on Hardware Tycoon almost 2 years ago - during summer holid...


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