So, it's been 231 days...


This is yet another post to reassure you I'm alive.

I could start making excuses, but you're probably more interested in hearing about the game, so, here:
I plan to make the next update a fairly modest one, bringing only small improvements.
Most of the things I've finished so far are back-end. Meaning the player won't notice them (although there should be a small performance increase). However, they will help me develop the game further in the future.

As for front-end stuff - I've added a product info window accessible by clicking the name of currently in-design product (shown in the gif below).

Non-final design

This replaced the simple "cancel design" tab. Besides that, I've set completely new values for each component found in the game; hopefully balancing the game out. You will notice that unit costs for everything are much lower (no more ridiculous $600 CPUs in 1990). Competition is much fairer now, too.

There's no point in going into more detail, for now. You will know everything you need when the update comes out.
If nothing unforeseen comes up and I feel like the game is balanced, then I will release this week. Until then, cheers, and huge thanks for sticking with me, despite the lengthy period of inactivity!

And no, this isn't an april fools joke :) Not this time

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I've recently started playing the game and have really enjoyed it. I wish you luck with the development.


I hope that it goes well!





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don't de-morale him please, besides it's a good game.

Its the best game ive seen on here


Good luck for the future


finally :) but no gpus ;(

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They will come when it is time

its time