I'm late!
Nothing ever goes as smoothly as you'd wish, but a new version of Hardware Tycoon is available for download right now.

As I've said before, this is one of the smallest updates, yet it vastly improves the experience.

Except for a significant re-balance, bug fixes and optimizations I have added a project details window. It replaced the simple "cancel design" tab, and it also allows you to check the estimated stats of your CPU. As seen here:
Old gif. It looks better now. I swear.

So, what's changed due to the general re-balance?

  • Slashed unit costs of all components - no more ridiculous $500 CPUs in 1980.
  • Lowered experience and money requirements for research - no more waiting around until a technology unlocks.
  • Increased the amount of money you start with and the maximum loan on all difficulties.
  • Tweaked stats of competitors' CPUs, some were underpowered, while others had impossibly high clock speeds. They sell more units in general now, too.
  • Made it more manageable to achieve higher CPU scores.

I don't think there is anything else you need to know. If you're interested, as always, the whole changelog can be found on the wiki.

As for future versions: if I receive positive feedback about changes to balance, I'd like to add more content - mainly competing CPUs. I've also been thinking about how to implement fabs, production and all that. I have a vision, but I don't see it being implemented too soon.

No video this time, since there's nothing to show.
Thank you for your feedback and continued support! If you'd like to receive more frequent updates, join our Discord server.

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One of the best computer tycoon games I've played. It is so goood. Though when I've tried harder difficulties the pie chart showing you competition disappears, idk that's happening. And please make it have longer game play time. Otherwise great fantastic game!


Yes! I've been waiting so long for the next update. Maybe in a future update you could make it so we can add integrated graphics to our CPUs?


I'm glad!
Integrated graphics is something I'd like to add at some point, but we'll see.


what does noob even mean smh


Great to hear you did it! Im a huge fan of this Game, hope there will be new exciting stuff soon :D



you are the only noob here mate.




you are the only noob here mate.