0.2.4 is out!

Hey! New update, hooray

It's once again pretty much just a bug fixing one. Except fixes and tweaks I've added the ability to change price during your CPU's lifetime.

Full changelog here.

In 0.2.5 I want to add many CPU parts, and maybe finally CPU cores. Stay tuned!

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I love it ♥

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ok, so i fugured out what was wrong with the mac osx download, in the ich app there are two downloads that show up on mac and windows

in mac they are macosx, and hardware tycoon

in windows they are windows 64 bit, and hardware tycoon,

(on a mac to make the game work you need to install the download labeled hardware tycoon, not the one labeled macosx

Also I love this game keep up the good work :)

oh, I almost forgot, can you make the default aspect ratio 16/9 because that is the most common moniter size, and i dont like black bars in full screen

It is 16:9 though, 1024x576 to be precise

Thanks! And it's a really odd thing.. max os x download should work :/

If I had to pay to play your game I would buy it.

I have also decided to make a game inspired by your game and Game Dev Tycoon called Gun Maker Tycoon. In the game you make guns that you can sell and rule the world. In the future you will be able to shoot the guns you make.

It will be made in Construct 2 because Construct 2 is a good 2d game engine and is easy to use.

I would also like to know how did you make the ui for when you click on the screen


Well... I'm not a great tutor but I'll try to explain.

Here's an example:

>on left mouse button click

>create new sprite (mouse.X + 105; mouse.Y)

>create new text (mouse.X + 105; mouse.Y)

(Just example values and names)       You need to have a sprite and a text somewhere on the layout to be able to create them.

If you're new then don't think about animations or any fancy stuff just yet, learn the basics first.

I don't know if you're a beginner and understood any of this. If you are then I advise you to check out some tutorials on http://www.scirra.com

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Ok, thanks :) , But how do you make it go away?

>on right click

>destroy sprite

>destroy text

is the easiest way do to it

thanks, :)

Also what engine do you use for the game or are you using your own?

You should add graphics cards or ram to the game so you are not just making  a cpu.


Of course, that is planned, I just want to make the CPU part of the game as good as I can for the moment.

Also I'm using Construct 2

I just played the game and I want to tell you that I love the game and it's similarity to game dev tycoon.


Thanks! And yeah, the interface is designed to look like GDT's interface 

Your welcome