Small UI redesign sneak peek

(Not final, might look different in actual release)

I don't have much time this weekend so I haven't done much except this redesign. As you can see, you can develop and research in parallel now too! 

I should have much more free time next week and I hope I will be able to work on the game then.

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way better, but I think that the game  will be to easy if we could research and develop at the same time

In future updates I'm going to add employess, and you'd be able to research only if you build a R&D departament sort of thing, and the time it takes to research will depend on the building/room/equipment of that departament and employees' skill.

I also have plans for a new research mechanic, and I'll work on it first.

Good, because I love the game


I like the new ui, keep it up!