0.2.5 Released!

I wanted to work a little bit more on it but at the same time I didn't want to delay it any longer.

After quite the wait 0.2.5 is here!

I've gone over the biggest features in previous updates, so just a quick reminder that the biggest additions are milestones and CPU market & competition; you can find the full changelog on the wiki!

Report any issues with this build and feel free to leave ideas and enjoy the game!


Windows 64-bit 59 MB
Jan 03, 2018
Windows 32-bit 49 MB
Jan 03, 2018
Mac OS X 68 MB
Jan 03, 2018
Linux 66 MB
Jan 03, 2018

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Hey Haxor.

I really like your Game, and I would love to help you with a translation from English to German.

Also I could ask some Streamers or little YouTubers I know to Stream or Record your Game. Maybe you would get more Fans then, and the Streamers / YouTubers would have Content that they can Stream / Upload. Win - Win Situation :)

I really hope that you accept my help with a German translation. I'd love to do it :)

Greetings and good luck for the next Update!

And btw., my Game crashed a few times while playing, but your Auto-Save saved me from starting at my last save. Maybe you could try to fix this problem :D

Hey! Thanks, but I don't know if there'd be any demand for a translation and the way Hardware Tycoon is built would make it a pain for both you and me (for example it would need to be a stand-alone application - I can't put two languages in one file). Maybe when its closer to full version.

Of course, I'd appreciate people making videos about the game!

Can you tell me about these crashes? When do they happen? I've never experienced any problems with that.

The crashes happened just when I was like starting a new research or created some new hardware. In a hour play time it happened 4 times.

Maybe I'll do a Video by myself, but I'll surely tell some friends about it :)

And, I think a translation would make sense. For German it's way more fun to play this game in German. Why don't you make 2 language files? One for English, one for German, and then you can load both? Wouldn't that work? I dunno. But if you don't want a translation it's okay. If you change your decision, you can contact me anytime :)

also how did you learn to use construct 2 becouse i am getting into it but i need to learn how to make stuff

I had experience with other click and drag game engines, so I could figure some stuff out by myself, and if not then there are lots of tutorials on various things. Visit scirra.com, the basics are very well explained there.

ok thank you! :)

ok thank you! :)

I have 2 questions. first how do I download the update. second didn't you say you will add some cpu parts?

Just download it again and delete the folder with the old version.

I was planning to make 0.2.5 only a content update, yeah. I just started working on other stuff and it kinda happened by itself.


ok as long as you  are working hard on the game i am satisfied :)