History Window Redesign

Hi! It's been a while since the last update. Let's fix that.

I've been pretty inactive for the past 3 weeks and all I've done is organize my spreadsheets (hey, I have cool graphs now!) and this history window redesign. 

I have a new computer now, and honestly the migration from my old one was a pain, but it's faster and finally supports Full HD (woah, 1080p in 2018, crazy I know) so I can actually fit something on the screen now.

Anyway, I want to show you completely redone history window:

(Not final, might look different in actual release)

I don't know what else I will do for 0.2.6.

Also, I'm planning on creating a discord server this month, tell me what you'd like to see there!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the game :D

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When is the next dev log?

When is the 0.2.6 update?

You can add CPU cores like you said you will in 0.2.5 update and didn't.


No one knows.

I might. I don't know what I will add in 0.2.6

Game: You should add motherboards, and make it like we can do bundles, promotions(that increase sales, etc.

Server: Give roles to supporters, like, if someone is helping you with ideas or something they will get special roles like a level up

Of course, more hardware is planned. I don't know about the bundles, I'll think about it. You can kind of do promotions - you can change prices of products while they are selling.

Yeah that's a good idea, I can give roles to people who give me ideas

Also, if you need help setting  up the server, i can help

much better :)

okay i will join the server and help you set it up if you want