0.2.6 is close to being finished + changelog

Hey! Just letting you know that 0.2.6 is almost finished, I only have to polish up a feature and then do quite a bit of debugging. I've also rewritten the changelog and included the changes in 0.2.6, so if you're curious what I've done so far in detail, check it out.

^ I know it doesn't look great, but you can now check the components used in your previous CPUs.

It's important to note that 0.2.6 probably won't work with older saves.

I don't want to promise anything, but I hope I'll stay at home this weekend and finish the update.

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Take your time. Gamedev is hard. :)

It's coming along nicely, there's some bugs left to fix and it should be done

so yeah, it's coming out in 2019


This s taking way too long :(

It is, I knoww

I don't have school this week though. I've already done a bit of stuff with the game, and I'll be releasing a beta of 0.2.6.


plz  i want to play it

One day it will come out.
Miracles happen. You just have to believe

when is the update coming out


2nd question ^