'Evolution' of Hardware Tycoon + little sneak peek

So I made this mildly interesting graph showing the number of events in Hardware Tycoon for every version (except, 0.1 but that's prehistory):

Click to view full-size

As you can see 4 months was the longest time you had to wait for an update (between 0.2.5 and 0.2.6), but it was the biggest one too. You can also see that 0.2.6 is close to being 2x larger than 0.2, etc.
(there's ~ before numbers of events in 0.2, 0.2.1 and 0.2.2 because it's an estimate)

1223 events really isn't that much, which shows how unfinished this game is my great optimization skills!

Now for the probably more interesting thing:

Graphics not final, might change in the official release

I'll just leave this here... 
There's a bit more stuff I could show you but I left those for later :^)

Also my school break is now over, so I won't be able to work nearly as much

This devlog was pretty chaotic, but I showed you what I wanted to show, see you in... who knows how long...

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Thats awesome!

plz have a copmany list and you and meger and buy

That's planned

And something else, Haxor, please read this comment to the end. I have a lot of ideas, for example: bonuses and anti-bonuses (for example, the bonus "the only CPU on the market" is the multiplier of sales 1.5, or the anti-bonus "very old socket" multiplier of sales 0.3); achievements: "To name your company in honor of the existing"; "The best CPU" (CPU rating should be 100/100); cooling systems. And that's not all my ideas.

I would tell you to join the Discord, there is a Suggestions Channel there, and you can talk directly to Haxor.

I always read comments to the end lol
The sale formula will recieve a major overhaul, which will make it depend on many more variables (inluding market and used technology), probably around June 2021.
I have lots of achievements planned out, and in 0.2.7 I've added 2 tiny easter-eggs related to names already.
TDP and heat etc. are something I want to add, I don't know how I'll integrate it to the existing gameplay just yet though

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Hello Haxor. Are you going to port HT to Android? And can I then help in the development? Experience and free time (at least 3 hours a day) I have.

It's kind of playable on itch.io in browser on mobile, and I'm not thinking about porting it over just yet

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Yes, playable, but on the phone it is not very convenient to play, but in any case it's your choice (sometime i use google translate)(I am Russian)