Update on 0.2.7


I wanted to post a devlog over a week ago, but a lot of stuff happened, and I couldn't. But at least I have more stuff to talk about now! 
I was working on marketing, but who cares when you can see this picture down here?

Graphics not final, might change in the final release.

As you can see, I'm redoing research from scratch and now it's Research & Development with a "tech tree" and adjustable budget!
There are  other pretty major changes connected to this, but I only wanted to remind you that this game exists in this devlog so I won't go into detail.

I will have to worry about school only for 2 more weeks, and hopefully I'll bring you more updates :D

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Who needs school?

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Please add multi-core CPUs, more difficulty, more companies, some technologies like overclock, multi-threading and 64 bits, an option to customize socket name, coolers, GPUs, Motherboards, RAM memory and SSDs/HDs/HSSDs. I know it is a big order but will be a great game with these features. I will be happy if you select me to translate this game to Portuguese and Spanish.

That is planned.

please add dabbing and waifus

already planned


Please add Multi Core, And just new Content, I Get Bored fast, Ad Stuff from Newer Years.

I will add new content once I finish reworking everything (which should be soon)

When you make a Octa-Core processor in 70'


When will we see Hardware Tycoon Condeco Edition, for only 0.99€?

2014 B.C.

When do you think the full release will be out

because this game is very fun

This century if we're lucky


Tech grows on trees?

So server farms...

And Intel...

OHHHHHHHHH! That's sooo cool! No wonder why Moore's law always is true! Moore money, means Moore trees, means Moore power!


can't tell if you're high or a genius


Drug use is really high in silicon valley, with Adderall being used during the day to stay energized and Oxycodone used when you get home to relax, Many young techies die from overdose just trying to stay in the lead. Its a real problem.


Although i have to go there every day :(



just found this "Love you guys <3 no homo" lol

thats my boy

Wait...Your haxor's dad????

no lol

do you mean that we can look at the canges ritgh now or later

The update hasn't been released

HURRY UP!! LOL! Keep up the great work! :)

I can not wait XD.