Research & Development - Completely new research mechanic

Hi, it's been a while! Don't worry, I didn't forget about the game.

I've been working mostly on a brand new research mechanic which affects 80% of the game, so it is a big change.

R&D with options (not final)

It still needs some work, but it doesn't fry your CPU so that's a big plus!

That's pretty much everything I wanted to show you, of course I have changed a lot of different things too, but I'll tell you about them in the full-scale 0.2.7 update devlog (mostly changes to marketing and hype), because they aren't nearly as interesting.

Stay tuned!

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I reach 9 MHz in 1980 and game nolonger ad contend ps I leveld up

Im so excited for the next release.

Will this game go onto mobile, like android and etc, also Great progress!

Possibly, after there's more content. You can play it in browser on on mobile as of now


It seems like you're still not clear about the mechanics yourself... But anyway I'm looking forward to try the next version. keep it up!

Yeah, I'm basicially going through everything I've made and giving it a rework. Unfortunately there is still quite some things to do, but after I finish the R&D lab I will be able to focus on adding more content which I know you guys want!

if i downloaded this coming version, would i have to download other versions as well or would it be updated in the file

ps. 0.2.6 made the game super easy

"ps. 0.2.6 made the game super easy"

Yeah, that's become a meme now.

I think you have to download the new version, but I could be wrong

Yes, you will have to download the game again.

thank you

cant wait to see the new update might make a youtube sereis on it