Become a 0.2.7 beta tester! [Ended]

Beta phase has ended

Hi! 0.2.7 is close to being finished, every feature is already in place. What's left is final debugging, and that's where you can help! You'll also get to see the update earlier and recieve a nice role on discord.

If you are interested, join Hardware Tycoon discord here, and head over to #announcements where I have described everything you need to know. Beta phase should last 3 days*, depending on the number of feedback.

*still not sure about that, because I'm going away on holiday for a week starting 29/30, so I might not be able to release 0.2.7 before then

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The update looks great, but the sliders is a alot difficult to move on mobile.

hi i don't have discord and i cant donlowd so plx can i be a beta tester

I require people to use Discord because it's the easiest and quickest way for them to share feedback with me.
You're kind of late, 0.2.7 is going live in an hour or so and the beta phase is over.

How much longer until the next update, may i ask?

"When is the next update coming out?
If there isn't an ETA in the last devlog then nobody knows."

hopefully this year : )))


Okay, thank you, and by the way, An absolutely AMAZING game you've got brewing and if you keep up then it could be my fav game.