I know you missed me and I know how long it's been since 0.2.8.
I made a video showcasing the bigger changes in this update:

God, I hate anime

You can read the full changelog here.

Hardware Tycoon Mod Tool has been updated to 0.2 as well.

I know this update is disappointing relative to the amount of time you had to wait, but nothing good has ever come out of me forcing myself.
I would have released it 3 days earlier, if it hadn't been for billions of pesky little problems.

As for 0.2.9, I want to introduce a new element to the mix - employees. I'll post a devlog once I get more done in this regard.

If you notice any issues with the game, please let me know!
Thank you for following the game and see you next time!

PS: 5 days from now marks the 3rd anniversary of 0.1 being published, so that's cool
PS2: also we hit 150k views on the game, so that's very cool
PS3: I have one for sale

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If you are fan of hardware and technologie this game is pretty cool for you ! <3


I wish I had 2000 dollars to spare so I could donate and help you produce more Incredible games.


Thank you so much for this! We've been waiting for this and you did an incredible job! Please never give up on the game, it has so much potential.